Our newsThe GR34 trail – “Sentier des douaniers”

The GR34 walking trail is one of the most famous in France and was voted the nation’s favourite in 2018. Stretching 2000 kilometres along the Breton coast from Mont Saint-Michel to Saint-Nazaire, the Pink Granite Coast makes for one of its loveliest stretches, and this is exactly where you are! One of the best things about the trail, also known as the “Sentier des Douaniers” (Custom Officers’ Path), is that, true to its name, it follows every curve and slightest bend in the coastline. Indeed, the customs officers of 1791 had to keep a close eye on smugglers. This is why their path leads into the narrowest coves and the most secluded riprap. The result for the 21st-century walker is an incredible array of wild landscapes that act as living paintings of Breton nature. 

The waves, the changing weather, and the simple passing of time have all left their personal touch on this stunning landscape. Of course, the wind and the water were once the main players in shaping the surroundings before humans came along. Mankind is responsible for a number of the main points of interest on your route, whether you choose the loop from the Maison du Littoral or a more comprehensive route. By simply staying at the Hotel Saint-Guirec, you’ll soon be familiar with the oratory perched atop its own rock across from the beach. Meanwhile, the Men Ruz lighthouse acts as your sentinel both night and day; it’s certainly worth a visit. And there’s also the access channel to the natural port of Ploumanac’h, one of the best protected in Brittany. Don’t miss the two tidal mills, one for wheat, the other for ice. The latter used to provide ice destined for the freshly caught fish from each fishing trip. Take the time to explore it at your own leisure.