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Ploumanac’h and the Pink Granite Coast

Yours to discover from our hotel

At the heart of Ploumanac’h, voted France’s favourite village in 2015, the Saint-Guirec is sure to become your favourite hotel! With its feet in the sand, it faces the sea with determination like all true Bretons. Its comfortable interiors and its openings onto the outside are real draws, with the immense, magnificent Pink Granite Coast appearing through each and every window. Yet even so, the best way to see it isn’t through glass; step outside and observe the rocky shapes sculpted by the elements up close for yourself. Their harmonious curves of different shapes appear to change every day as the sunlight plays across them. Your next-door neighbours also include the Château de Costaérès and the Men Ruz lighthouse. The latter, constructed completely from pink granite, is covered with mosaics inside by the artist Odorico. There’s also the famous GR34 trail, a coastal path known as the “Sentier des Douaniers” (Customs Officers’ Trail). It starts from the foot of the hotel and will take you through enchanting landscapes. Ever-changing and ever-moving, there’s always something to explore.
Ploumanac’h is the ideal place from which to spend a week exploring all the wonders that our area, Les Côtes d’Armor, has to offer.